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What message are you guided too?

New earth designs for reminding ourselves and others to stay positive through all experiences. We are MAGICAL beings!

Below are just a few you can purchase here.. or see the full collection on my Etsy page! xo 

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Grateful Grey Soft Sweatshirt

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Here for the Great Awakening & Tacos Mauve Cropped Sweatshirt

Be Kind to your Mind White T-shirt

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Treat yourself, because if you let your money become too stagnate the Universe will find something to use that money on. Good or bad. xo

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"Connecting with your Dreams"
Dream journal

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Amplify your Light so you can be Energetically Seen Cream T-shirt

"Call Upon Your Guides"
Spirit Guide Journal

Do you need a Custom Design?

Need a design for a photoshoot? Or want to sell your own apparel with your vision? Reach out. I would be happy to create something for you. 

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