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Intuitive Branding & Website Design with the help of your Spirit Guides {multidimensional beings}, Elementals & Higher Self.

Also passionate in ShowIt, Kajabi, Squarespace & Shopify, Course Knowledge, Reiki Healing & Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis + all other digital designs to align you with your New Earth timeline and flow in all the abundance you deserve.

Bridging the Spirit Realms with the Digital World

You have to believe you deserve it! xoxo


Energetically Seen

your light so you can be

That's Cha-chi!

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Our Clients have been Featured in:

You found your way to me, which tells me you're wanting to align more with your dreams. How exciting! You know your worth and you're ready to shine! Let me help amplify your light within your business baby. Let's create this magical beacon.

I am here to help make your dream timeline a reality! You're a divine MULTIDIMENSIONAL being of light. You have lived forever & ever. You are here to experience and help the collective heal & ascend.

And guess what?

Your business baby helps with this journey as well. Everything you do in your highest excitement keeps you aligned with your dream timeline {frequency}.. by you aligning, you ripple around for others to align as well. So of course designing your business is part of this! It always has purpose. It always deserves your abundance and what you want it to pour back into you. 

I connect with your spirit guides & create a look you truly have been envisioning. When we connect you give me permission to tap in and let them guide me. Some will speak, some will nudge, some only make me feel to understand, etc. If you only knew how much they want to help, but can not always because of our free will. Let me emerge your design from your soul. 

Connecting with your Spirit Guides & Branding you into Alignment with your Abundant & Freest Timeline

If you feel guided to reach out, you should!
The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.
So dream it & believe you can have it! xo

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Healing Journals for your Journey of  Self Discovery

Yay! They finally here! xo

I am so excited to finally have launched these beautifully intentional healing journals. Connect more with your Spirit Guides, Tap more into your Dreams within the Astral or Free flow with Inspirational blank journals. Come take a peek. xo

Healing Journals

"Take the next step. Be brave in it. You know what you need to do. We show you everyday how hard you are working & all that you're accomplishing. Do not doubt your inner strength that has brought you here. You are ready to leap into the unknown. We are here & will catch you. Listen to us. Listen to you."

- Spirit Guides

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Boss Mama. Creative. Spiritual Remembrance. BQH & Reiki Practitioner & more. As a Capricorn, I want to learn & master everything in my path. Learn more about me below.

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Kari & Jen - jckc & Co. - Photography

Leslie was absolutely amazing to work with, she didn’t stop till she captured our vibe - TRULY captured our vibe. She’s this rare unicorn of a creative who is also ridiculously organized, creative and organized rarely go hand in hand. We recommend Leslie to anyone who will listen, we still talk about her often and try to figure out how she can be so attentive to her clients, offer endless edits and also be a full time mom. We are so happy with our website but even more so Leslie brought us organization, a streamline approach to booking and sharing information with our clients. If you’re wondering “is she worth the investment?” No, she’s worth more.

brand + showit website design

Danielle Margherite Photography

Leslie offers you a design service like no other. I don’t even know where to begin! To start off, Leslie obtains the professionalism, accountability, and communication skills that instantly make you feel at ease knowing your investment in your brand is in the BEST hands. But what really makes Leslie stand out from all the graphic designers is that she brings this radiant energy and thoughtfulness into your project. She taps into your spirit guides to help her work flow. Leslie doesn’t just design something aesthetically pleasing for you - she takes her time as if it was a project for herself. She takes her time to get to really know you - your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. Never did I feel like a “client” to her. She became a creative soul sister! Divine timing was on my side when I was led to Leslie to help rebrand my photography business after 5 years of waiting. Let me tell you...SO worth the wait!!! My clients now say that my website aligns with who I am and that means the world to me. If you’ve been on the fence about rebranding, Leslie is the perfect person to create something beautiful for you.

brand + website design


As I jumped into the unknown to face my fears in starting a small business, I knew the right person to turn to for guidance. Leslie attracts beautiful souls because she takes the time to understand everyone and their visions. At first, my ideas were scattered all over the place and she was able to help me harness them and create something that completely aligned with my vision. Working together felt effortless and she was incredibly patient while answering all my questions. Leslie puts in honest work and has extraordinary creativity. I am so grateful for everything she’s done for me and I trust her for any other future projects. 

Logo + Product labels + TY cards

Marisa Siegfried owner of The Plant Bar Co.

“If you're looking for a talented graphic designer and someone who is extremely easy to work with - Leslie is your girl! I am so grateful our paths crossed when I found her doing a quick instagram search. She had designed my Logo, Business Cards, Website, Plant Trailer Vinyl Design and a Label to my newest product. I am CONSTANTLY getting compliments on how beautiful my website looks. And if I have ANY questions - Leslie is always there to help me! I will continue to always recommend Leslie to anyone who needs design work.”

brand + website design

Marianna Gomez of La Sirena Blends

It gave it the OOOOOH! flare it needed. What I couldn’t conjure you did! It was awesome how on point you made this the brand I’ve seen in my
Heart and dreams! It runs as my source of magic and inspiration. Everyone that sees it loves it! The aesthetic, colors, icons, everything about my
Brand is as perfect and ideal as I’d picture it.

brand design @lasirenablends

Client Love

absolutely adore you all

Ready to attract all the clients who need you?

Let's give them a space that amplifies your soul and shines like a beacon for them to find you. Something authentic and full of passion. The more you shine the more light projected through your brand + website. It's all about the energy signatures! xo

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I created some beautiful & uplifting designs that you can wear and shine in. Since we all give messages to each other.
 These are divine messages I have channeled or resonate with. I hope you love them and a reminder to stay magical. xo

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