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This beautiful fiery soul was my FIRST showit client! Danielle has this light about her that I adore. Such confidence and so we created a website that is BOLD, unique, elegant and natural. It just beams Danielle’s soul! I am so grateful we connected! Love my Miami Babe! xo

Leslie offers you a design service like no other. I don’t even know where to begin! To start off, Leslie obtains the professionalism, accountability, and communication skills that instantly make you feel at ease knowing your investment in your brand is in the BEST hands. But what really makes Leslie stand out from all the graphic designers is that she brings this radiant energy and thoughtfulness into your project. She taps into your spirit guides to help her work flow. Leslie doesn’t just design something aesthetically pleasing for you – she takes her time as if it was a project for herself. She takes her time to get to really know you – your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. Never did I feel like a “client” to her. She became a creative soul sister! Divine timing was on my side when I was led to Leslie to help rebrand my photography business after 5 years of waiting. Let me tell you…SO worth the wait!!! My clients now say that my website aligns with who I am and that means the world to me. If you’ve been on the fence about rebranding, Leslie is the perfect person to create something beautiful for you.


Danielle Margherite

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