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"Keep listening to your intuition in everything you do. Keep focusing only on the good in the world, while it energetically burns to create the New World. Keep being the light for all the ones who need you. You're on the right path. xo"

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Excuse the Pixie Dust! Website is getting a new layout!

 I am so grateful for all who helped me get here. For now you can scroll below and see what else I can offer you. xo

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New Course Launch!

Home Gridding Course

I am sooo excited to finally offer this course! It took me a whole year, but I know it will be worth the wait. Many people around the world are being attacked or attached to from ghosties and negative multi-dimensional beings. In this course you learn to protect your energy, home, family while also protecting the collective. You will learn to grid your home with quartz & anchor the New Earth energies in, learn Ley Lines, Archangels & soooo much more!

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Helpful Healing Journals

Healing Journals

I created these journals to help you on your Spiritual Awakening into the New Earth. Some help connect you with your Spirit Guides, others are blank for free flowing with your truths and feelings, and some help you dive into your shadow side to help you emerge into the light easier and easier. This link will take you to my author page with all the journals while the website is getting a cleanse and makeover. xo

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Spoonflower - Fabric

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Looking for beautiful patterns for fabric, handbags, decor + more? Check out the sites below I am signed up for!